Think Tech - Is your technology operating model ready?

Is your technology operating model ready?

14 October, 2020 | 19:00

Meetup in English

What is it about?

More and more companies are choosing to remove the divide between their digital programs and their traditional IT delivery by bringing them into a single technology operating model. Forming an integrated technology model creates value but can be hard to do. The meetup will highlight three actions companies can take to ease the transition: organizing technology teams around user-facing products and the underlying platforms that enable them, creating a governance structure to keep the technology organization focused on the business’s strategic priorities, and establishing a rigorous system for prioritizing and delivering technology work. In this article, we offer a closer look at what these actions involve and how to get them right.


Christian Stüer

Partner at McKinsey & Company

Specialists And Speakers

Naufal Khan

Senior Partner McKinsey & Company

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