Think Tech - Empowerment of women in the technology sector and digital innovation

Empowerment of women in the technology sector and digital innovation

13 October, 2020 | 19:00

Meetup in English

What is it about?

With an increasingly digitized economy, there is a need for higher innovation and building new products and services. Women are an essential part of the growth in technology as they represent half of the tech users. One of the benefits of having more women in the technology sector is to create solutions that fit women’s needs. How can we encourage women to join the technology and digital innovation fields? What tangible steps can management do to create an environment that is more welcoming for women? What are the highs and lows of being a woman in tech? And how to empower women in the field?


Lynn Zovighian

Managing Director at The Zovighian Partnership

Specialists And Speakers

May-Britt Høygaard

Partner at Devoteam

Orfhlaith Ni Chorcora

Vice President, Alliances & Channel Tech & Cloud Systems, South Europe & ECEMEA at Oracle

HRH Princess Nourah bint Mohammed AlFaisal

Founder at Adhlal, Founder at Nuun Jewels

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