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As part of our international efforts in combatting covid19 we are launching the “Hope Hackathon” on the 7th of May 2020 with expected huge participation of teams from WORLDWIDE. The Hackathon will be focusing on three main areas :
  • Digital Health
  • Home entertainment
  • E-games (gamers without borders)
The hackathon will be accompanied by several virtual webinar sessions each having some of the top specialized speakers worldwide.

Specialists and speakers

Meetups Timeline

2020-05-06 10:00 pm
Abdullah Al-Bedaiwy

Digital Response To Covid 19

As part of our international efforts in combatting covid19 we are launching the “Hope Hackathon” on the 6th of May 2020 with expected huge participation of teams from WORLDWIDE.
Osama Al-Zoubi
Fadi Abdulkhalek
Saleh Al-Nemer
2020-05-06 11:00 pm
Elizabeth Olson

Cyberbullying in online gaming

One in two online gamers has been bullied within a game. "Toxic" players are quite common due to the competitive elements of online gaming, and the anonymity players have when using a nickname. How are game developers dealing with toxic players and cyberbullying? Does reporting and banning players work? What are the best ways for players to deal with bullying? How does this impact young adults, and should their parents be worried?
Clark Stacey
Marco Obiso
Peter Alau
2020-05-07 04:00 pm
Rayan Qutub

Logistics challenges during COVID-19 pandemic & how innovative digital platforms are supporting

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on global logistics routes and supply chains. Major headaches came in the form of reduced air freight capacity coupled with soaring rates, global slowdowns in postal services with major route suspensions and delays, and ocean freight disruptions brought on by quarantined vessels and restrictions on port dockings. How has the dependency of import, manufacturing, distribution and export on global logistics accelerated innovative digital transformation initiatives during these troubled times? What are some of these digital platforms? How can technology create more resilient global supply chains? And what will be the new "normal" in the industry post COVID-19?
Mr. Dennis Du
Mradul Khandelwal
2020-05-07 10:00 pm
Abdullah Konash

Gaming Development Platforms

Choosing the right game engine is a crucial step in the overall design process of a game. This decision impacts the performance of the game, how it looks, and the devices it can be played on. In this Meetup, we will discuss the most popular game engines and the different features that differentiate them. We will also cover the importance that engines play when it comes to monetizing games effectively, and will take a look at current game development trends and game engines that are rising in popularity.
Jeff Peters
Dan Milward
John Comes
2020-05-07 11:00 pm
Dr. Christiane Mueck

Digital Transformation in the era of Covid-19

Many companies suffered at the beginning of the pandemic and during the first days of lockdown. They were simply not ready to rely fully on technology to operate their businesses, and they struggled to conduct even their most basic operations. In the lapse of days, virtual meetings became the norm, and the need for the right tools, software, and hardware became apparent for the survival of organizations. How did organizations manage or mismanage this transformation? What are the pitfalls of such a fast transition? What makes one organization ready to undergo that transition? What does it take culturally to make that shift?
Eng. Mohammed AlShaalan
Rob Van Dale
Bhavesh Morar
Dr. Guy Diedrich
2020-05-12 10:00 pm
Amal Dokhan

Fireside Chat with Brad Feld, co-founder of Techstars

Brad Feld, cofounder of Techstars, has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur since 1987. In this unique fireside chat, Brad will share more about his personal experience and reflect how worldwide crises and pandemics shape people. He will also tackle major disruptions startups are going through and provide tips and best practices to navigate […]
Brad Feld
2020-05-13 10:00 pm
Mark Kellett

Emerging technologies as an engine in enabling innovative digital business models

The most valuable companies in the world today did not exist 30 years ago. These companies succeeded in exploiting emerging technologies to create massive value for their customers in new ways, and monetized this value using very different business models than those of traditional businesses. The most valuable companies of tomorrow are not known today. They will surface by leveraging today's emerging technologies to innovate new business models. So what are some of these emerging technologies? and how will they allow business model innovations? How is COVID-19 accelerating their adoption?
Ahmad AlShammari
Dr. Samer Abdallah
Craig Nel
Alessandro Masaro
2020-05-14 10:00 pm
Jean Abou Assi

How Fintech is disrupting & transforming the Finance sector

"Fintech" is a buzzword. While historically, it was probably about using software to replace paper-based, mostly-back-office processes, today, it has transformed how banks and other financial institutions interact with their customers. Most recently, in times of highly contagious global virus spread, fintech has played a crucial role in containing the spread through ever more advanced cashless and paperless payment solutions. On the other hand, it has enabled the emergence of a new breed of tech-first-financial-second companies, roaring to render traditional players obsolete thanks to extensive innovation in products, business and revenue models, and distribution channels. From payments, lending, investing, customer service, and security and fraud detection, to mobile and social banking, regulations and financial data analysis among many others, fintech has disrupted all aspects of the industry.
Anthony Yazitzis
Mohammed Al-Garni
Mohsen AlZahrani
2020-05-15 10:00 pm
Catherine Jones

Digital entrepreneurship during Coronavirus pandemic, risks & opportunities

In times of crisis, people lose hope and struggle in their search for a better, brighter future. However, the most forward-looking technology entrepreneurs have the ability to come up with ideas that bring back glimmers of hope. Studies found that startups built during troubled times have much lower rates of success. But those who survive thrive much better later on. Many disruptors found in the pandemic the perfect opportunity to look 5 to10 years ahead and became much more relevant overnight. Entrepreneurs building e-services (e-learning, telemedicine, e-commerce, remote working, and communications) had a head-start before the lockdown took place, while many others are trying to jump on the opportunity and start something new. How sustainable are Corona-born business models and how engaged will customers be post lockdown? Are startups over-focusing on similar e-services while ignoring other opportunities, and how is this affecting the level of competition? Finally, what is the fundraising outlook ahead?
Eng. Abdulrahman Tarabzouni
Muhammad Gawdat
Abdullah Alothman
Chris Schroeder
2020-05-16 10:00 pm
Essam Alghamdi

Evolvement of EGaming industry & potential opportunities

Giant companies like Disney, Pepsi, and Mercedes, to name a few, are the latest companies to invest in esports. This shows how the industry has grown to attract non-endemic sponsors or sponsors who are not directly linked to the target audience, a significant milestone for the industry. And why wouldn’t they come? League of Legends World Championship 2019 finals attracted 100 million viewers, the same number of viewers the Super Bowl had that same year.
Kushal Shah
Povilas Joniškis
Benjamin ellinger
Prof. Lilac Alsafadi
2020-05-17 10:00 pm
Wadha Bin Zarah

Empowering women in digital entrepreneurship

The digital revolution has opened new opportunities for women entrepreneurs to participate in a widening range of business sectors and industries. Universal access to digital technologies and resources has helped in narrowing the entrepreneurship gender gap. Still, what additional efforts need to be made at the level of governments and educational institutions to continue empowering […]
Doreen Bogdan-Martin
Prof. Manahel Thabet
Sinem Kaya
Deemah AlYahya
2020-05-18 10:00 pm
Mohammed Albsimi

Gamers 2025

Within less than a year following its release, Fortnite drew in over 125 Million players, proving that a new game release can change the gaming landscape and become a cultural phenomenon overnight. This is the uniqueness of this industry. Everyone in the world is one click away from the next big game. So what will […]
Eng. Arnab Bhattacharya
Jason Della Rocca
Mikko Sallinen
2020-05-19 10:00 pm
Dr. Christian Bartosch

The importance of Digital infrastructure under the Corona pandemic- How ICT infrastructure scale up with the increasing demand during the pandemic

As a result of the Coronavirus that forced everyone to stay at home, tremendous pressure was placed on infrastructure, bandwidth, and the whole ICT sector. E-learning, remote working, communications, entertainment, and e-commerce are just some examples of what people were using the digital infrastructure for. How are internet service providers coping with such demands? Is […]
Jonathan Davidson
Phil Twist
Bassam Al-Bassam
Eng. Haithem Alfaraj
Hong-Eng Koh
2020-05-20 10:00 pm
Abeer AlHashimi

The future of digital skills

Is gaming taking over the world? Gamers tend to spend hours on a game; not just playing, but also engaging with the community by building relationships with peers, exchanging knowledge, and meeting new people. There are forums, meetings, conferences, blogs, channels, and even massive yearly gatherings that can draw in thousands. In this meetup, we […]
Hisham El Araby
Rick Scavetta
Anand Chopra-McGowan
Dr. Yuhyun Park
2020-05-31 08:30 pm
Jean-Paul Sacy

The Era of AI

AI is one of the major emerging technological breakthroughs. AI is taking over. It is already deeply impacting our lives from smart cameras in our phones, to Google search matching, to YouTube video recommendations. When we talk AI, we talk algorithms, advanced computational capabilities and data, the most crucial element that is the fuel of […]
Jihad Jay Alammar
Preetam Maloor
Dr. Khaled AlGhonaim
Eng. Osama Ghoul
2020-06-01 08:30 pm
Amin El Husseini

Promising opportunities for entrepreneurs in E-Gaming

The rapid growth of the esports market has provided great opportunities for entrepreneurs as the market is yet to mature. Such a market offers a blank slate for innovating and experimenting with new business models, with little-to-no resistance facing entrepreneurs as there aren’t any deeply seeded consumer habits to change. What is going on with […]
Samer Wagdy
Sarah AlSaleh
Vince Ghossoub
2020-06-02 08:30 pm
Dany Wazen

The shape of e-government during & after the pandemic

When a highly contagious global pandemic places entire countries on lockdown, how can governments keep providing the most essential services necessary for the functioning of the state? As human contact has become dangerous as a result of COVID-19, countries with advanced e-government services are managing to thrive and continue serving their citizens. So what makes […]
Eng. Ali AlAsiri
H.E. Mr. Mohamed Al Qaed
H.E. Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr
Andy Main
2020-06-03 08:30 pm
Mr. Ahmed Almarshadi

Intellectual property for innovative ideas

In business, protected IP rights drive innovation. Without them, an innovator’s creations can unfairly profit others who had no contribution. In some industries, IP counts for a lot. It is the case for egaming, where IP rights protect tools created in the development process as well as the content produced such as code, artwork and […]
Dr. Walid Abdelnasser
Mr. Abdulaziz AlRabiah



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